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Job hunting tips for 2016

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The economy is rebounding, unemployment is down, and the next wave of employees are entering the job market in just a few weeks after the graduations.

Karen Finan, a partner at Gilman Partners, spoke to FOX19 NOW about the current state of the job market and offer tips for employees looking for a new job in 2016 as well as employers interested in hiring new candidates.

As the economy welcomes a new class college grads, a lot has changed in the regional and national job markets:

  • Recruiting and retaining talent is critical to growth and has become a higher priority among many companies and sectors.
  • 2015 Unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor statistics show an unemployment rate of 2.8 percent for job seekers with a bachelor's degree vs. an overall rate of 4.3 percent.
  • The labor market is tightening, with talent moving quickly and salaries going up. This is a change from even 12 months ago.
  • Many companies are now beginning to hire mid- to senior- level talent – positions where they’ve held off in the past.
  • The job market is now strongly in favor of the job candidate. Companies will need to reach out to job candidates who aren't actively seeking a new job (passive candidate).

Tips for those job searching in 2016:

  • Identify the roles and industries that most interest you and be able to clearly articulate what special skills you bring and why a company should hire you.
  • Update your LinkedIn and other social media outlets to reflect your job interests.
  • Reach out to your contacts and those who know you best to help you open doors, make appointments and create opportunities.
  • No matter the outcome, be sure to follow up. How you present yourself can make a lasting impression whether it’s a chance encounter or planned meeting.
  • Learn everything you can about the company and the position. It’s as important that the role is a fit for you as well as for the company.

 Tips for companies hiring in 2016

  • Know your marketing pitch – what makes your organization different from the competition? Why is your company THE place to work?
  • Talent is moving quickly – and so should your company’s hiring process. Keep qualified candidates engaged – and don’t let too much time elapse before getting back to them. “A” players likely have multiple options.
  • Prepare to engage with job candidates who aren't actively looking for a new job. Passive recruiting techniques like LinkedIn and other social media provide fairly confidential ways to identify prospects.
  • Recruit, engage and welcome from day one. First impressions are as important for the candidate as they are to you as the employer.
  • Identify and ask the right questions early in the hiring process to access whether or not the candidate fits into your organization and culture.
  • In today’s market, most candidates will not accept a lateral move, so be ready with a package better than their current one. Compensation packages are growing, so be prepared to include signing bonuses, relocation opportunities, etc.

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