WATCH: Goats run wild through Covington

Goats on the loose
(PHOTO: Emily Henderson/Facebook)
(PHOTO: Emily Henderson/Facebook)

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Goats ran amok during the celebration of the first day of the Covington Farmers Market Saturday afternoon.

The animals got loose during the "Running of the Goats" as they made their way from the Farmers Market on 3rd and Court streets to their summer home in Goebel Park.

The goats unexpectedly leaped over barriers held by volunteers that were designed to guide them during the event.

Onlookers shrieked as a group of brown and white goats made their way through the street, passing police cars. Others tried to wrangle the animals in an attempt to guide them back to the organized route.

The search continued on as the goats scattered throughout Covington. Officials said three goats were captured in a wooded area near Devou Park and one was found in a yard near MainStrasse Village.

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