City council passes photo IDs for immigrants, homeless

City council passes photo IDs for immigrants, homeless

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19/AP) - Cincinnati City Council approved a new program authorizing a photo ID card for immigrants, the homeless and others that would be accepted by police and other municipal agencies is set for a vote by Cincinnati city council.

The executive director of a religious coalition that has worked with the mayor's office on the proposal says applicants would be required to show some identification to get a card.

Margaret Fox, of the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, says those who can't afford the $15 cost of a card could receive financial assistance. Fox says she is optimistic the cards will be approved.

Fox and city officials say the photo IDs will help immigrants and others feel more a part of the community.

City leaders also said that many people aren't reporting crimes because they fear they'll be charged for not have proper identification.

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