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Trailer, racing go-karts vanish from family's driveway

The empty trailer. (FOX19 NOW) The empty trailer. (FOX19 NOW)

A father and son hope to track down valuable go-kart racing equipment that was stolen over the weekend.

Maury Bibent said three go-karts and some equipment were inside a trailer that vanished from the family’s Green Township driveway.

The empty trailer was eventually located several miles away.

Bibent said his 11-year-old son, Saban, has dreamed about racing since he was 3-years-old. The go-karts were left inside the trailer because the family planned to race on Saturday.

“If they would have known who we are and how much it meant to us, maybe they would have not known they are crushing a kids dream,” said Saban.

The family is pleading with the thieves to return at least one car so that they can continue their hobby.

Police are investigating the theft.

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