Consider This: Controversial stance on dog abuse case

Consider This: Controversial stance on dog abuse case

FOX19 - A story this week had most of us shaking our head in disgust.

A Butler County couple was convicted of abuse after they starved a dog for three weeks and then dumped him in the trash.  One person received 60 days and the other 120 days in jail.

Most of us say— 'that punishment is not enough.'

But, I received a controversial viewer e-mail that asked me to "consider this."

The e-mail said, "Call me cruel, but I don't think those people should face charges. Yes, they were wrong on taking responsibility of an animal and not caring for it, but do we not kill animals every day? In our chicken wings and our burgers? And do we not throw away the leftovers in the trash?"

She went on to say, "We care if the dogs, cats, and other house pets are abused, but we give no regard to the chickens, pigs, and cows that suffer every day.   And, adds...if we want to make these charges fair, give every non-vegetarian/vegan a minimum of 3 months in jail for every animal they kill."

That's not my opinion, but I'd like to hear yours.  Email me at

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