Investigation underway in Hamilton house explosion

House explosion under investigation (VIDEO)
(Photo: Stacey Martin)
(Photo: Stacey Martin)
(Photo: FOX19 NOW/Jody Barr)
(Photo: FOX19 NOW/Jody Barr)

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Two people are in the hospital after an explosion at a home near Oak and Hudson streets in Hamilton Friday, according to Hamilton Fire Chief Ken Runyan.

"We heard this really loud explosion," said witness Jason Brant. "We thought it was a car wreck so we came running and we seen the house and the whole side of it was gone"

The two were at the home to cut grass, Runyan said.  They went inside, lit a lighter and the house exploded.

"It was like a really big bomb or something. I've never seen anything like that before in my life," Brant said.

Witnesses on scene said they saw one of the people go back in the house twice before running from the scene.

"It was scary.  It was unreal scary.  You don't expect that stuff to happen," said Greg Gibbs.  He was in the house when it blew up.

Gibbs said he's been out of town for a few weeks visiting family and came back on Friday to cut the grass.

He claims that at some point the home was broken into and trashed.  He says someone stole his heater and sink pipes.  That's when he went to the basement to look around.

"I turned on - flicked my lighter - and all of a sudden it exploded.  The whole house exploded.  I got pushed back three feet - didn't know what was going on," Gibbs told FOX19 NOW.

"That's my thought.  That is my thought," Gibbs answered when asked if he thinks a stolen pipe may have unleashed gas into the home.

Bulldozers tore down what was left of the home hours after it blew up, but investigators still don't exactly what happened.

Officials have not said what caused the explosions.

Gibbs said a woman that was with him was also hurt, but she is okay.

"I've got sores, bumps, blisters, bruises.  I'm burned all over," Gibbs said.  "I'm glad I'm alive.  I'm glad I'm here."

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