Woman follows GPS right into a lake

(PHOTO: THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Ontario Provincial Police)
(PHOTO: THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Ontario Provincial Police)

FOX19 - Police say following a GPS on a foggy night left a Canadian woman taking an unplanned dip into Lake Huron.

Investigators say the 23 year-old-woman was driving in fog and rain making it hard to see.

She was driving on a road that led to a boat ramp and then all of the sudden d ropped and hit water.

The car stayed afloat long enough for the woman to roll down the window grab her purse and swim 30 feet to shore.  She then walked to a nearby hotel and called police.

The car then sank completely.

Law enforcement officer Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert says, "She's in really good spirits."

She adds, "Of course a little embarrassed, but taking it all in stride.  Police say alcohol was "absolutely not" a factor.

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