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Butler County leaders discuss how to fight gas pump skimmers at summit

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Butler County officials hosted a summit Wednesday to educate the public about illegal gas pump skimmers.

Wednesday's free summit aimed to teach customers and gas station owners how to identify the devices and how they can help curb the practice from escalating in Southwest Ohio.

Gas pump skimmers are attached by criminals at the pump, externally at the card readers.

When a customer swipes their credit or debit card, the skimmer reads and saves the card information.

Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds co-hosted the event with Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith.

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Authorities believe an organized group operating out of Louisville are ripping people off in places like Forest Park and West Chester.

"It's really been along this I-75 corridor where we've seen most of the credit card skimmers," said Keith. 

The number one piece of advice that came from Wednesday's summit? Never pay for gas at the pump with your debit card. It not only gives thieves access to your pin number, it gives them access to your bank account.

Gas stations don't have to upgrade their pumps to allow chip cards until October of 2017. 

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