CEO, 14, has idea to keep kids safe

(Photo courtesy CNN)
(Photo courtesy CNN)

FOX19 - A 14-year-old CEO just turned down a $30 million buyout offer.

And the idea he's so confident in, could help keep your kid safe.

His start-up idea is a vending machine that dispenses first aid products.

It was launched less than a year ago and has already raised $100,000.

Taylor Rosenthal says every time he was at a baseball game, players would get hurt, but there wouldn't be any medical tools in sight.

That lead to his design of RecMed, a machine that can give you all the first aid tools you need, for a few dollars.

His machines have already been bought up by Six Flags, and Rosenthal says they will come in handy at places like amusement parks and sporting events.

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