What happens when you order cheap clothes from Facebook

Facebook fashion fraud: What happens when you order cheap clothes online

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Think you've found a great clothing deal through an online ad? You might want to think twice before purchasing.

Kayley Hughes loves to shop, so when an ad for a cute outfit popped up on a Facebook ad, she said "yes to the dress."

"The prices were great and the photos looked really, really nice and they had a bunch of different angles, so I could see everything," Hughes said.

Hughes ended up ordering seven items for about $150.

When the packages arrived, she couldn't believe her eyes.

"I kept pulling them out and they're all terrible," Hughes said.

The items looked completely different from the photos and size was the biggest problem.

Hughes said she followed the guidelines and ordered an XL, but the XL was "extra little." In fact, several dresses fit a child - Hughes' sister, who's 11.

"I mean I have to laugh about it because it's so ridiculous. When I had my sister try it on, I'm like you gotta be kidding me, this is such a joke," Hughes said.

These retail sites - many from China - are feeling the online wrath of dissatisfied customers.

There are Facebook pages dedicated to consumer complaints. One called "Knock Off Nightmares" has photo after photo posted by women who say they were ripped off.

One Alabama high school student warned potential prom dress buyers to beware of online stores after she was disappointed in what was shipped to her.

FOX19 NOW wanted to see if we'd get what we paid for.

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Clothes were ordered from several sites for six FOX19 NOW anchors and reporters.

The cheapest item was a shirt for around $8. The most expensive dress was $18.

All items were sized based on the Chinese sizing.

Meteorologist Catherine Bodak was pleasantly surprised with her red "fit and flare" dress.

Rob Williams' blue button-up went from his normal large. "This is an XXL., I don't know if that's gonna work," Williams said.

The fit of his shirt was a tad tight, to say the least.

Jordan Villines wasn't thrilled with the fabric quality of her dress.

Jessica Brown's said that two-piece outfit smelled awful but still liked the way it looked.

Facebook is looking into these ads and the Better Business Bureau suggests if you shop online, do some research before you buy.

"It's crazy how easily you can be fooled," Hughes said.

For her $150, she got a pricey lesson in "you get what you pay for."

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