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Data: Who switched party affiliation during the Ohio Primary election?

OHIO (FOX19) -

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted released data showing the number of Ohioans who changed their party affiliation during the state's primary election.

In all, more than three time as many Democrats chose to affiliate with the Republican Party as did the Republicans affiliate with the Democratic Party, according to the research. 

“Voter turnout is driven by the enthusiasm and interest that groups and candidates can generate for their cause,” Secretary Husted said. “Nearly 1.8 million Ohioans decided to join or switch a political party, highlighting the intensity with which Ohioans are engaging this election season.”

A total of 1,962,684 ballots were cast in the Republican Primary, 115,762 of whom were previously affiliated with the Democratic Party. 

In contrast, A total of 1,197,725 voters cast a ballot in the Democratic Primary Election, 34,867 of whom were previously affiliated with the Republican Party.

The data Husted shows Republican Party had the biggest gains in terms of newly-affiliated voters, netting 1,030,752 overall, including 60,716 first-time voters. The Democratic Party netted 747,275 newly-affiliated voters during this election cycle, including 58,139 first-time voters. 

On the Republican side, Ohio Gov. John Kasich defeated now-presumptive nominee Donald Trump 47 to 36 percent. HIllary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders 57 to 43 percent in the March 15 Primary. 

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