The U.S.'s longest running German Fest teams up with Christian Moerlein

(PHOTO: Christian Moerlein Brewery)
(PHOTO: Christian Moerlein Brewery)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Kolping Society of Cincinnati has partnered with Christian Moerlein Brewing to craft a new beer.

The Schutzenfest Kolsche Ale honors the 150th anniversary of Schutzenfest in Cincinnati.

The beer debuted Wednesday with a ceremonial blessing and tapping of the key at the Kopling Society.

It is now available at 50 Kroger stores in our area and 40 other locations leading up to the big 150th Schutzenfest Festival.  That will take place the weekend of July 15th.

Translated as the "Marksmen Festival, Schutzenfest has been celebrated since Medieval Times in remembrance of a skilled marksman who defended a young child and village from  an eagle attack.

Schutzenfest has been celebrated in Cincinnati since 1866.

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