Facebook video shows man relieving himself on items in Tri-State stores

Facebook video shows man relieving himself in Tri-State stores

FOX19 - Walmart has issued a statement after a Facebook video appears to show a man relieving himself in a local store.

The video, posted on Paul Tatum's Facebook page, shows him casually urinating on childrens' clothing at an unknown Walmart. The stunt was broadcast through Facebook's live video feature.

"This is gross and, clearly, unacceptable," Walmart told FOX19 NOW. "We in no way, tolerate this kind of behavior in our stores and will continue working with local law enforcement to investigate the matter. We will do everything we can to make sure he is held accountable."

Warning: Video above could be disturbing to some. 

The second video is believed to be filmed at a local Lowe's. It shows the man defecating in a display toilet in the middle of the store.

Legal Analyst Mike Allen believes the man in the video and the cameraman could be charged for the incidents. The biggest hurdle at this point is determining where the incidents occurred.

"If they don't have a venue and jurisdiction they don't have a case," Allen said.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Lowe's for comment.

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