Consider This: Parents should face consequences if kids call in school threats

Consider This: Viewer feedback

FOX19 - We received a lot of feedback on our editorials this last week.

On school threats—and the idea that parents should be fined or charged if their kids call in bogus school threats—the majority that wrote to us—did not agree with the editorial.

Anson wrote, "Parents shouldn't have to pay for the children making decisions to commit these felonies, or any crimes. The penalty for these individuals should be professional counseling, community service and jail time."

Sheila asked me to consider this, "The type of teenagers that make school threats would only ENJOY having their parents be fined for their actions.... what a great way for teenagers to punish their parents for being mean and disciplining them!"

Another editorial addressed the Butler County couple sent to jail after starving and throwing the dog's body in the trash. We included a controversial viewer's opinion that those of us who eat meat--should get jail time too.

Dave wrote, "To the lady that said everyone should serve 3 months in jail if you eat chickens and burgers, I think she must not read the bible because it states in Genesis...every living thing shall be meat for you." And, he also said, "If you are cruel to domestic animals, you should go to jail."

Pat says, "The two situations should not even be compared.  One is a necessity and the other is just plain evil.  Why would you starve an animal otherwise?  If you don't want to care for an animal, don't get a pet."

And finally Patricia wrote, "If she is a vegan and has a problem with animals being killed to eat, I understand her view but she does NOT have the right to inflict that view on everyone else."

Thanks for feedback.  Keep the e-mails coming!

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