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Risky relaxers (VIDEO)

FOX19 - Lets talk about hair!

Let's just say my hair has transitioned over the years.  I've gone from relaxers to cuts to colors to going back natural hair.  I've been natural for the last 6 years (if I'm counting right) and it has been a journey.

I wanted to write this blog after doing a story on risky relaxers.

When I started doing the story I thought to myself...wait a minute...I had a relaxer.

I didn't realize there were risks involved when it comes to certain products I've used before, even in relaxers.

However, I think when done properly and with a trusted stylist it can be done right.  I've known so many women with beautiful healthy relaxed hair.

I chose to leave the relaxer route because I missed my natural curls also because my hair wasn't that healthy.

So, I grew it out and after about 2.5 years of growth, I took the scissors and cut off all the relaxed hair.

I was so in love with my fro.  I felt free!

It's weird how hair can make you feel that way.

It wasn't easy, I  had to re-learn how to take care of my big curly hair.

In the TV business you can get scrutinized for every little thing - from your outfit, to your hair and even your nails.

You'd think people would be paying attention to the story, but I learned early that viewers don't pay attention if they're distracted by someone's appearance. (Also they think we have hair stylists on set everyday —I wish!)

For me, I rocked both curly and straight hair on air, but if you're a curly girl like me you know that curls are UNPREDICTABLE.

One day I remember doing a really cute wash and go or a twist out that morning and when it was time to go on air, one side was HUGE and the other side was tamed and defined.  Not to mention, the lighting caused curly shadows on my face.

There was nothing I can do so....3.2.1 action!

You better believe I got some viewer emails.

"Girl…you know your hair was looking crazy," one viewer wrote.  "I provide hair services if you would like."

Nowadays, I tend to wear my hair curly in a bun (it's predictable that way-it's staying put!) or I straighten it more often (helps me have control of the outcome.)

Using too much heat is not the healthiest route, but my hair is so big and tough it can take a bit of a beating.

Here's the deal, in my opinion, natural hair, relaxers, long hair or short what works for you!

As long as you're choosing healthy hair care options, team natural or team relaxed, doesn't matter. I'm rooting for team YOU!

I'd love to hear about your hair journey!

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