Do your kids a favor and be quiet

Do your kids a favor and be quiet

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - I have two daughters, and they both play soccer.

One will be a senior and playing on her high school varsity team.

The other will be a freshman and playing on her first high school team.


So you can imagine how much soccer I've seen: holidays, multiple nights a week. Both kids had a tournament this past weekend.

I love to watch my girls play.

What I don't love is listening to loud mouths on the sidelines.

Of course, I'm talking about some of the parents.

Most parents will sit, clap for their kids, and shout words of encouragement, but there's another group which is quite the opposite.

I'm talking about the parent who thinks just because they paid the league fee it gives them the right to say, do, or act however they want.

Second guess the coaches? Check.

Question every call? Check.

Coach from the sidelines? Check.

Embarrass their kids? Unfortunately, check.

I've seen parents get into shouting matches with their daughters while she is on the field. Mom or dad tries to tell their daughter what to do or where to be on the field, and then daughter gets upset and yells at them to be quiet.

Meantime, I'm sitting there, not saying a word and shaking my head.

It wasn't too long ago, I did the same things.

I thought I knew better than the coach and tried coaching my kids from the sideline until one day my then 10-year-old looked at me from the field and told me to shut up.

She said I was embarrassing her.

Here was my daughter out there trying her best at a game I never even played, while I sat on the sideline acting like this was the U.S. Women's National Team.

From that point on, I vowed to stay quiet and just enjoy the game.

My kids and I still talk about the game, but not until we get into the car, away from everyone else.

So I'm asking all the soccer moms and dads to just sit down, stay quiet, and just enjoy your kids while you can.

I'm sure they'll thank you for it after the game.

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