Dan Wells: Smoothies can aid in reaching weight loss goals

. - According to FOX19 NOW Guest Ray Ball, smoothies will aid in reaching your weight loss goals. In fact, according to Ball most smoothies can be made the night before and be ready for breakfast for folks short on time.

I've come up with a few easy tips to help you get started:


Before the real fun starts Ball says we have to talk kitchen appliances, more specifically blenders. There was a point in my life cheaper was better, she says until my blender starting smoking and nearly exploded! If you plan on making smoothies on a daily basis you want to get a good mid-range blender.


Water is the obvious choice when blending smoothies, but how about trying to use almond milk, it has a creamy texture, easy on the stomach, has less calories than milk, and is gluten/dairy free. Another liquid is coconut water, by itself it is an acquired taste but blended it adds great flavor to your smoothie as well as electrolytes!


Now that we've got the basics Ball says to start adding some veggies to your smoothies! Spinach is the best leafy green to start with; yes your smoothies will look green and icky… GET OVER IT! Spinach lacks in flavor but not in nutrition, its high in iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C with very little calories. It can be blended with any fruit and come out tasting delicious, so good you won't even care that anyone looks at your crazy while drinking it! A few other veggies to try are: carrots, celery, sweet potato, or kale.


Smoothies work great as a meal replacement, adding protein is the most efficient way to keep your hunger at bay. I recommend a smoothie for breakfast and lunch, with a good healthy snack in between each main meal, such as nuts, yogurt, green tea, or cheese slices. Make sure you eat a good balanced meal for dinner! Protein powders can be found at any grocery or nutrition store.  Here is a cool recipe below.

To get more recipes and food tips, check out, www.afewhungrygirls.com.

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