Police: Search continues for cop impersonator

Police search for man impersonating a cop (VIDEO)

CLEARCREEK TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Police are still pursuing a man now charged with tampering with evidence after he was charged with impersonating a cop earlier this month.

Cody James Burton is charged with impersonating a police officer, unlawful restraint, and possession of criminal tools after police said they received a complaint that two motorcyclists had been stopped by Burton, who was in a dark Chevrolet "Duramax" pickup truck on State Route 48.

Officials said the new charge was issued Monday for altering his vehicle, a felony charge.

According to Clearcreek Township Police Chief  John Terrill, a lot of people who worked with Burton are offering tips and one Washington Township restaurant said people were buying Burton dinner, thinking he was a police officer.

Clearcreek Township Police say that they have spoken to attorney representing Burton, and he plans to turn himself in to authorities in Warren County on Tuesday.

"He is in a tactical-style of uniform with a vest with police markings on the front with an American flag and looks like a police officer," said Sgt. Larry Cornett with the Clearcreek Township Police Department.

Police say they think Burton was pulling people over to get girl's phone numbers.

"It is very troublesome what he is doing – going and pulling people over, trying to get girl's phone numbers, and unlawfully restraining people," Sgt. Cornett told FOX19 NOW.

On Monday, police filed a felony charge of tampering with evidence to go along with charges of impersonating a police officer, unlawful restraint and possession of criminal tools.

"Who knows what else he's going to do when he pulls somebody over," Sgt. Cornett said.

The Clearcreek Township Division of Police also want to remind everyone that if you are ever stopped by anyone who you suspect is not a police officer, you may call 911 to report it immediately. The dispatcher can confirm whether the person is a police officer or send help if they are not.

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