New developments proposed in Roselawn, Bond Hill and Avondale

Big changes coming Avondale (VIDEO)

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley announced multi-million improvement projects for Roselawn, Bond Hill, Avondale and North Avondale.

The Avondale Town Center, built in 1983, is slated to be torn down and replaced with a new building to house a supermarket, laundromat, dentist office and 118 apartments with 50 of those units set aside for low-income residents.

"We haven't had a decent grocery store in the Avondale community for quite some time now and it's needed because we have a lot of elderly people that live in the Avondale community and it's hard for them to get back and forth to the stores, you know to get what they need," said long-time Avondale resident, David Thomas.

Patricia Milton, president of the Avondale Community Council said, "Avondale residents who are home owners and business owners can confidently invest in their properties and know that their investments will be returned because this is a desirable place to live."

Construction on the Avondale Town Center is scheduled to begin in September 2016.

On Monday, backed by community leaders, Vice Mayor David Mann and Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld, Mayor John Cranley listed some of the Queen City's development triumphs such as expanding the city's police and firefighting force.

However, the Democratic mayor says the $10 million worth of development proposals are long overdue and exclusively building the police force is not enough to revitalize neighborhoods and realize their full potential.

"We all campaigned on putting money into neighborhoods," Cranley said to reporters at Westwood Townhall on Monday.

Cranley aims to add more basic services and hire dozens more first responders, but wants to "put meat on the bone" and spark an "economic renaissance" using Over-the-Rhine's recent development as a poster-child and a preview of more to come.

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