Mothers Against Gun Violence rally for peace in Avondale

Stop the gun violence (VIDEO)

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Works Phoenix program group, Mothers Against Gun Violence and supporters took to the streets of Avondale to send a message to those with their finger on the trigger.

"If you don't stop it today, it could be you tomorrow. Love your neighbor as you love yourself," said Gabrea Starr McCoy as she shouted on a megaphone.

Starr-McCoy knows the pain all too well of losing a child. Last year she lost her son, Camrin Starr, to gun violence in College Hill.

"We need to stop the violence, our kids want to grow up. Our fathers want to take care of their kids, like my son. He had four children and this is just terrible," said Starr McCoy

The Cincinnati Works Phoenix program hopes that showing the faces of mothers who've lost children will hit home for offenders.

Starr-McCoy says she's optimistic that a change can happen on city streets. As its stands right now, her son's murderer is still on the loose.

"The person that killed my son I forgive {them}, I forgive {them}," said Starr-McCoy.

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