Old Peeble's school mascot sign at the center of controversy

Controversial school mascot (VIDEO)

PEEBLES, OH (FOX19) - An old Peebles mascot sign reads "we're on our way to victory." The message on the sign isn't the issue, it's the pictures of the Indians on the sign.

The sign was removed from Peebles High School just before graduation this year, because it had not been approved by the facilities and transportation committee.

"The sign had been hanging up in the Peebles gymnasium and that sign unknown to me and my facilities manager was hanging up and was not to be hanging up," said Adams County Ohio Valley Schools Superintendent Richard Seas.

Around the years of 2006 / 2007, the old school sign was auctioned off after not being moved to newly built school facilities.

Jim Walls who has since retired from the high school as assistant principal bought the sign and brought it to the high school. Before retirement he approached the school system to see if it wanted the sign back as a donation. The facilities and transportation committee decided not to accept. Walls never took the sign after retirement.

"And I've spoken with the person Jim Walls, Jim is a great guy. He did it with the intent of hanging on the history and tradition of Peebles school," said Seas.

John Lewis is a school board member and is on the facilities and transportation committee. He's says there are some people who want to see the sign put in the building and some who are concerned about its message.

"The image that's on there is certainly would have been considered more appropriate back at the time it was created. Given the climate today this doesn't seem like a good depiction of the Native Americans," said Lewis.

The school board will decided in a meeting Thursday whether to keep the sign in the school.

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