Consider This: Don't leave kids in hot cars

Consider This: Kids in hot cars

FOX19 - It isn't even summer and it happened again.

Police in Dayton Ohio, were forced to rescue a 3-year-old left alone in a hot car this week.  The boy is okay — but many others aren't as lucky.

Nationally, a child dies from heatstroke in the back seat of a car every ten days.  And between May and September, that number rises to two per week.

More than half of those deaths are children under two, and more than half were children "forgotten" by their caregivers.

Ohio lawmakers just approved a measure that would gr ant protection for anyone who breaks into a vehicle to save a child or a pet.

They must first call 911 and check to see if the door is unlocked. Then, if they feel like it is an emergency, they can break into the vehicle.

It's a good law, but it's sad that it even needs to be enacted.

When this type of tragedy happens -- the parents can be prosecuted--but even worse, they may have to live with the knowledge that they put the child in danger.

Consider this.  Be aware.  Always look in the back seat -- and think twice before you lock the car.

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