Bring on the bands

Bring on the bands
Guns N' Roses (Photo courtesy Flickr)
Guns N' Roses (Photo courtesy Flickr)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I'm a huge music fan.

More specifically, I love hard rock and gangsta rap.

So you can imagine how excited I am by the fact that Ice Cube and Guns N' Roses are both coming to Cincinnati in the span of about a month.

Cube is headlining the Bunbury Music Festival next Saturday along with his former NWA bandmates - and I can't wait to see them.

I've been listening to Cube since the early 90's. I'm sure my parents loved me as I blasted "Express Yourself" and "Straight Outta Compton" from my stereo, allowing them to hear every f-bomb through the walls of my bedroom. My 15 year-old self rapped along with every lyric.

Still, Ice Cube and NWA took me to a place that my upbringing in Edgewood could never take me: the streets of L.A. and I loved it.

Twenty-five years later, I still love it.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is G'N'R.

When they hit the scene, I was an instant fan.

I still list "Welcome to the Jungle" as one of the top five favorite songs of all time, and I expect Paul Brown Stadium to blow up when Slash plays that opening riff.

Don't get me wrong. I know Axl Rose can't sing anymore, but there's no way I would miss that hot mess.

The crowd will sing every word to "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Paradise City" while Axl strains and sweats like he's constipated up on stage and I'll be right there with them!

Cincinnati is becoming a hot spot for music again. It's about time. The city has been overlooked for too long while my favorite bands went to Louisville or Columbus or even Dayton and Lexington.

Over the next few months, more and more bands will be coming. I just hope they're some of my favorites.

I'm looking at you, Metallica!

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