Company creates 'unstealable' bike

Company creates 'unstealable' bike

FOX19 - With the recent explosion of wearable fitness trackers for runners, it's no surprise that bicycle companies are also looking to cash in on the high-tech trend.

Dutch company VanMoof is debuting a new SmartBike, which it claims to be virtually unstealable.

The SmartBike's first line of protection is its keyless locking system, controlled by an app on the rider's phone. When you're ready to ride, you activate it by touching your hand to the bike's dashboard.

If that's not enough to deter kleptos, it's the also armed with Bluetook tracking. VanMoof claims their data is so accurate, if your bike is taken within two years of purchase, they will track it down and return it to you within two weeks – replace it free of charge.

The anti-theft technology doesn't come without a hefty price tag, however. The SmartBike costs about $1,230. It's available for preorder starting Tuesday, May 31.

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