Girl accidentally swallows boutonniere pin before prom

(SOURCE: Flickr)
(SOURCE: Flickr)

FOX19 - It's a prom night one high school student will likely never forget and it's not because of the dancing and fun.

A Massachusetts girl accidentally swallowed a boutonniere pin!

Kathleen Garvey was having trouble pinning the flower on the jacket of her boyfriend, so she held the pin in her mouth. Her boyfriend then made
her laugh, and the next thing you know, she had swallowed the pin.

Kathleen noticed what happened, but she wasn't in pain, so she went to prom anyways.

The next day she went to the doctors as a precaution, and they found it lodged inside her bronchial tube.

Garvey underwent a 45 minute surgery, and was good to go.

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