911 calls released in Cincinnati Zoo gorilla exhibit incident

911 calls released in Cincinnati Zoo gorilla exhibit incident

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Newly released 911 tapes and radio traffic from the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo's gorilla exhibit has shed light on what may have occurred when the 3-year-old old was in the enclosure with the silverback.

"My son fell in with the gorilla," Michelle Gregg, the mother of the child who fell in the exhibit told the 911 dispatcher. "There's a male gorilla standing over him. I need someone to contact the police."

FOX19 NOW obtained three 911 calls, with the first coming into dispatch at 3:52 p.m. on Saturday.

Caller one: "There is a baby in the zoo that fell in the gorilla moat. Hurry! The gorillas are out."

Caller two: "Hi, we're at the Cincinnati Zoo a baby fell in the gorilla cage and everyone is screaming." 

As calls poured into the dispatch center, Cincinnati Fire Department began to dispatch to the scene.

Dispatch: "A three-year-old child has fallen into the gorilla cage. The gorilla is slamming the child into the wall and the child is in the water."

Fire officials: "Go ahead and start me a heavy rescue" 

As rescue teams arrived, radio traffic could be heard telling units to remove the guests away from the fence line as the rescue began.

"We've got a child that's fallen into a gorilla moat," a zoo official tells dispatch. "We'd like you guys to respond to our Vine Street exit with a life squad"

The scene unfolded for about 10 minutes. Videos shows the 17-year-old gorilla, Harambe, dragging the child through the water.

Caller: "(The gorilla) picked him up out of the water, climbed the rock wall and took him up on top."

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A response team member called in to update that he had the gorilla in his crosshairs.

"I'm holding on him if you want to go in and get the kid," a rescue team member said.

Zoo officials said they had to put down the gorilla for the safety of the child. A tranquilizer does not take effect quickly enough and the gorilla may have become agitated, zoo officials said.

Rescue official: "We have rescued the child."

Zoo official: "Can you confirm that you said we have the child?"

Rescue official: "Affirmative. We have the child, we're coming out of the zoo right now. We're coming out to the public area."

Zoo official: "That is very good news, thank you."

Dispatcher: "Outstanding, thank you sir."

Officials said the three-year-old suffered serious, non-life threatening injuries and was transported to Children's Hospital. According to Gregg's facebook page, the boy obtained a concussion.

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