Beware of scammers trying to cash in on tragedy

BBB warns of possible Harambe scams

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - Scammers may be looking to cash in on the death of the Cincinnati Zoo's gorilla, Harambe.

The Better Business Bureau says unfortunately incidents like these bring out the scammers.

"This is a prime time when scammers are looking at a nationally known story right now; and they are looking for ways to take opportunity at its best and find ways to make money off of it," said BBB spokesperson Sandra Guile.

Since Harambe's death, donation pages have been popping up on sites like gofundme. Some profiles are asking for donations in places like New Orleans to honor Harambe. Another post asked for $3,000 in funds so that the person could come visit the zoo.

"Folks have to remember is that go fund me is a tool and they have to look beyond the tool. They actually have to look at the information, read the information carefully. Where is that money going?" said Guile.

The Ohio Attorney General Office is not aware of any scams at the moment.

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