Teenager Charged

A 17 year-old-boy is behind bars accused of punching a 2-year-old girl in the head who later died.

Covington police say the teenager was babysitting for his 27-year-old girlfriend, Kelly Williamson. They say Williamson was living with the teenager and his family on Crescent Avenue in Covington.

Williamson was at work when her boyfriend called to say the baby, Emily Johnson, was vomiting. When she arrived home the baby was unresponsive. The family called police who rushed the baby to the hospital.

Police say the 2-year-old had bruises on her face. She eventually died at the hospital from extensive head injuries and brain damage consistent with abuse.

"It hurts me bad, it really hurts me," said Helen Johnson. The baby's grandmother Helen Johnson says she has a lot of questions about what happened. Friends of the juvenile suspect say they have questions too. "He's quiet, polite, and I find it hard to believe he did this," John Messer,"There's something wrong here."

Meanwhile Helen Johnson says this is the second grandbaby she's lost. She says her son and Williamson lost another toddler in recent years.