Planned Parenthood To Be Investigated

The Hamilton County prosecutor is now investigating allegations surrounding a 14 year-old girl getting an abortion.

Joe Deters is investigating planned parenthood and whether they notified police the young girl was pregnant. Also, if they tried to notify the girl's parents. FOX19 news reporter Chris Shaw reported that both are state laws.

At a press conference Thursday Deters said, "what's disturbing about the allegation, is that the person who has possibly impregnated her and may be forcing her into this situation, through some type of duress, has presented himself as her guardian. And no steps, at least that we're aware of, were taken to determine if it was true or not."

FOX19 talked to Planned Parenthood who said that they, " have procedures in place and we follow the law on reporting and parental notification."

Planned Parenthood says it has not heard from the prosecutor yet, but will cooperate with his investigation.