Man refused to leave wheelchair bound neighbor during fire

39 displaced in Walnut Hills apartment fire (VIDEO)

WALNUT HILLS (FOX19) - Open doors and windows could be seen for blocks of an apartment building after a three-alarm fire that displaced 39 people early Monday.

Some of them open from where people escaped to safety after smoke barreled through the fourth floor of the complex.

Fourth floor resident Frank Bracey recalled the terrifying ordeal.

"We got a neighbor that had her grand babies up there and she was in the hallway hit on people's doors waking them up," said Bracey.

Bracey said he made sure those neighbors got to safety, but had to make sure another his friend who goes by the name of "T" got to safety too.

Neighbors told FOX19 Now that his name is Tyron Blackmon.

"We got a guy up there we call "T". He's in a wheelchair with no legs and so I stayed up there with him when I seen the smoke coming around the corner," said Bracey. "It was real real dark and we choked a little bit."

Though the smoke continued to build, Bracey stayed until helped arrived.

"The firefighter came up to me and told me to leave. He had a big pole and told me to leave and I said what about him? He said he had him and I left," said Bracey.

Bracey is counting his blessing that his apartment turned out OK.

Fire officials haven't confirmed what caused the fire, as they are still investigating, but neighbors told FOX19 now someone lit a mattress on fire.

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