Baby Killed; Teenager Charged

Police continue to investigate the death of a 2-year-old baby they say was abused. Right now a 17-year-old boy sits behind bars.

The baby's mother says the17 year old--her boyfriend--punched her baby and killed her. Police believe that too. But that teenager's parents---and a lawyer working for free---say they're going to prove otherwise.

27 year old Kelly Williamson says she believes her 17 year old boyfriend is responsible for killing her baby. And right now that teenager sits behind bars accused of punching the 2-year-old--little emily johnson---in the head. Charla Messer is the juvenile's mother. She believes her son who suffers from a learning disability confessed to something he didn't do.

"He'd never hit them, I know he's never hit them," said Messer.

But now Messer's son is behind bars.

"I feel helpless, I feel like I can't do anything for him as a hurts."

Jonathan Bruce is an attorney who has agreed to help the Messers for free.

"It's a very compelling case. In my heart I believe there are many issues which have yet been brought to light," said Jonathan Bruce.

Bruce is looking into the history of the baby's mother she tells us of eight children, 2 have now passed away and the others were taken by authorities.

"The older one's, I did some things in the past I fought as hard as I could to get them back but what I did wasn't good enough," said Williamson.

Bruce is also interested in reviewing police transcripts he believes a confession could be invalid because of the teenager's learning disability. At 17, the juvenille remains in 9th grade special education.

Meanwhile 2 mothers say they are torn apart by everything that's happened.