Cincinnati terrorist expert speaks of new wave of attacks

Local terror expert: New wave of attacks (VIDEO)

FOX19 - A gunman carried out the worst attack in U.S. history after shooting and killing 50 people and wounding 53 at a gay night club in Orlando Sunday.

Terrorist experts say this kind of attack is a new and growing trend and terrorist organizations like ISIS are barely lifting a finger to make it happen.

Cincinnati terrorism expert Ed Bridgeman said it only takes one person to carry out this new wave of attack.

He said no one terrorist can pick the time, the place and the means of how the attack will be carried out - and it leaves no one able to protect themselves.

Terrorist experts say this kind of attack is a new and growing trend.

Bridgeman said terrorist groups no longer plan and train, they just inspire.

"The old days of the cooperate Al Qaeda type operation are gone," stated Bridgeman.

He said we more than likely won't see anything as large as what happened on September 11th, 2001.

"They're inspired by lone wolf-type of terrorism," Bridgeman said. "This is terrorism on the cheap. This doesn't cost ISIS anything. They really don't have the functional capacity to do what Al Qeada did in the past."

The ingredients to the new wave of terrorist attacks are simple for anyone to carry out and that is why we are seeing them happen more frequently.

"Soft target, easy access, and low level security," he claimed.

Just like in Paris, San Bernardino, Istanbul, and now Orlando.

"All you need is to do some personal surveillance, some personal intelligence, work in the target itself," said Bridgeman. "Then all that's left is the commitment to carry it out."

Bridgeman said Omar Mateen's attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was more organized than other "lone wolf" terrorist attacks and that's how 50 people were killed.

"It's not a level playing field. Never has been and never will be."

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