UC Student Shot

Police are searching tonight for two men they say shot a U-C student just a few blocks off campus. It happened early this morning. Police say the 22-year-old student, Phillip Wessler, was walking along the street with a friend. Two guys came up asking for money and to use Wessler's cell phone. Wessler said he had no money and they couldn't use his phone. That's when police say the guys pushed him and shot him in the stomach.

The incident is just another reason students, like Greg Shotte says they feel unsafe. In addition to constant news of burglaries, robberies, and shootings, his house was recently broken into.

"I Came home, the door was busted open, things thrown around, things missing...it's scarey."

But even though it's scary Schotte says he leaves campus and walks home alone almost everynight. Shotte's, a retired UC employee, says after 35 years on this street, she knows better.

After dark you never know, the daytimes fine after dark I do not go out of this house and walk these streets."

U-C Police couldn't agree more. That's why they want more students, especially male students, to take advantage of a van service...called "Nightwalk." 7 nights a week students can call for a ride on or off campus.

"A lot of times men won't use it. They seem to be the targets in a lot of these incidents. So we are encouraging men, please us the nightwalk," says Lt. Karen Patterson, of the U-C Police.


officers say they're working with
incinnati police, the
niversity and the community to make things better.