Community floods blood centers after Orlando mass shooting

Community floods blood centers after Orlando mass shooting

FORT MITCHELL, KY (FOX19) - By Charrise Gibson

Immediately after the Orlando nightclub shooting massacre, there was a large outpouring of support not only from the Orlando community but also across the nation.

Thousands lined the streets of Orlando or visited their local blood banks Sunday hoping to donate blood to help the victims of the massacre.

Blood donation drives typically do not get the response seen after this shooting and so quickly.

With more than 50 people injured, it reiterates just how important it is to hold blood drives like the ones we have seen at Hoxworth Blood Centers across the Tri State.

While everyone has been invited to donate, there is a special call for help within the Muslim community.

"We are making an appeal to all the Muslims here," says Inayet Malik of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. "Apparently,  there is a need for blood donors in the area and we're urging people of all faiths to come forward and donate blood as much as they can."

Hoxworth Blood Center may not have anything planned specifically geared towards helping the shooting victims in Orlando yet. But they do encourage you to donate blood so our community can be prepared for whatever tragedy may strike or in honor of the victims still suffering from injuries as a result of the shooting.

You can set up your appointment with any Hoxworth Blood Center by calling 513-451-0910.

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