14-year-old arrested in string of robberies

14-year-old arrested in armed robberies (VIDEO)

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) - A string of attacks and robberies in Hyde Park were committed by 14-year-olds, according to police reports.

Katie Murden said she arrived on Cohoon Street Friday night and was heading into a bar to meet up with some friends, just hours away from her birthday. It was at that time when she said she was attacked by two teenagers.

"The face, the head, the back of my leg," said Murden. "I have a bruise from where one of them kicked me."

She wasn't the only one attacked, according to officials.

Police reports show that four attacks took place over the weekend.

Two suspects, identified by police as 14-year-olds, used the same MO in all the attacks.

In the reports, the suspects asked, a female victim if she had a cell phone he could use. When she told them she didn't have one, one suspect began punching her in the face.

That's what Murden said happened to her as well.

"When I was, there was two of them that's it and I didn't think much of  it they were sitting on a curb step I figured they were some guys waiting for a ride," Recalled Murden.

Four of the victims said they were assaulted and at least two said the suspects added insult to injury by stealing their car.

Murden fell victim to that as well. She said her car was found a day later.

She had harsh words for her attackers when she spoke with FOX19 NOW.

"Personally i'd like to see them serve time as an adult," Murden said.  "I feel like a crime where you not only assault one person but multiple people, its not like your taking your parents car out for a joy ride you knew you were hurting people and i feel like that's a crime you can't say you didn''t know the consequences for."

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