Police: Robber beat gas station clerk with moonshine jar

Police: Robber beats gas station clerk with moonshine jar

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - "I need five dollars on pump six," is how robbery victim Tim Brookey describes his first encounter with the man he claims attacked him.

Police say the suspect identified as, Stephan Glenn Sr., entered the Lindsay Shell gas station at Germantown Road and Verity Parkway at 4:28 a.m.

Brookey told FOX19 NOW the suspect went to buy a product and once the register drawer was opened he went for the cash.

"We wrestled for a while over the counter and he was like, 'let go of me,'" Brookey said.

Brookey said he told Glenn he wasn't going to let go. Then he claims he was hit over the head with a moonshine jar three times until it broke.

The bruised and battered clerk then produced a knife and stabbed Glenn at least two times, officials said. Glenn then fled the store and got into a gray or tan pick-up truck. The truck, being driven by a white male with a mustache, fled north on Route 4. He has not been identified.

Glenn was located seeking medical attention at Grandview Hospital in Dayton.

He's currently being treated there for his injuries. Warrants for robbery and felonious assault have been issued and will be served when his condition improve, police said.

Brookey was given two paid days off by his boss. He told FOX19 NOW this is not the first time he's been robbed at the store.

Once before he said, he fought off the robber with a box of chewing tobacco.

He's not sure he wants to stay a store clerk. He is thinking about getting his CDL and being a truck driver.

Anyone with information should call Lt. Cunningham at 425-7737.

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