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8 ways to spend less on gas

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The days of a gallon of gas under two bucks are long gone. Road trips are going cost us, especially here in the Midwest. 

It is possible to save at the pump this summer - simply follow these easy tips.

  1. Don’t idle too much: If you’re stopped for more than five minutes, turn off your vehicle.
  2. Loose the weight: Carrying extra stuff in your trunk lowers fuel efficiency.
  3. Keep it off the roof: Don’t pack your luggage on the roof of the vehicle. It’s a killer for your car’s aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. It could cost you up to 25 percent more at interstate speeds.
  4. Use AC smartly: In town, roll down the windows. On the highway, crank up the air.
  5. Inflate your tires: Proper inflation means less frequent trips to the pump.
  6. Watch your speed: Gas mileage typically decreases as we driver faster. The sweet spot for a lot of vehicles is about 60 miles an hour. AAA reports that for every five miles an hour you driver over 60 mph, you’ll pay 24 cents more per gallon.
  7. Use cruise control: It can help keep your speed steady and save gas.
  8. Shop around: Before you head out, look for the best prices. Check out FOX19 NOW’s gas tracker for the cheapest stations in the Tri-State.

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