Consider This: Orlando nightclub mass shooting is about hate

Consider This: Orlando nightclub mass shooting is about hate

FOX19 - It's been almost a week and we are still hearing more details about the worst mass shooting in U.S. History.

And, once again America is mourning a senseless act of terror where hate led to massive loss and heartbreak.

It wasn't long before gun control became the hot topic. And while that is a worthy debate, this is not what the editorial is about—it's about hate.

The shooter didn't kill dozens of people and injure dozens more because he had access to weapons, though it certainly made it easier for him. He killed because he was a man filled with hate, hell bent on making other people's lives as miserable as his.

Hate should not be tolerated at any level.

Consider this: It is time for our leaders to lead. We must recognize that campaign rhetoric, discriminatory laws and religious exclusiveness all play a role in fanning the flames of discontent.

We must teach that we can only thrive when we embrace someone with beliefs or preferences that differ from ours.  America's differences unite us and make us stronger. And most importantly we must show that love will always win out over hate.

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