Consider This: Your opinion counts in the voting booth

Consider This: Voter registration purge (VIDEO)

FOX19 - Turn on a TV or radio--open a newspaper...look at your mobile phone...and you can't help but know that it is a Presidential Election Year.

It's been predicted that this will be the most expensive ever for campaign ads. But, politics also dominate news coverage--and the odds are we'll see even more coverage as the conventions start in July.

It's our right to complain or express frustration about the issues or the candidates. But our voice will only be heard when we vote.  And, the nation will be watching—it always watches Ohio.

We have 8 million registered voters.  But here's the catch—Ohio recently purged non-voters. Some who haven't voted recently have been removed from voter rolls. This could have a significant impact on this election.

A Reuters investigation found 144 thousand voters have been removed--just in the three largest counties—including Hamilton County.  Urban areas were hit the hardest.

Consider this. Take your opinions or frustrations to the voting booth. It's where your voice counts. If you haven't voted in a while, maybe since the last presidential election, you might want to check to make sure you're still registered.

And if you aren't--time is ticking. The deadline is October 11th.

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