Below Zero Lounge continues to dance in honor of shooting victims

Below Zero Lounge continues to dance in honor of shooting victims

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hundreds of people packed Below Zero Lounge and danced the night away, all in honor of those who lost their lives after the Orlando shooting massacre at Pulse Nightclub.

The energy of Below Zero Nightclub was enough to draw hundreds of partygoers and supporters. Some had to wait in long lines just to get the chance to share the dance floor with men and women who wanted to keep dancing for the victims who they said had their last dance cut short.

Jacob Dagett traveled to Cincinnati from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to take part in what he calls this gathering of love.

"I was inspired by the message of we can't live in fear," says Daggett. "So I am here so that I can be with everybody else and be with the community."

49 candles formed a heart center stage symbolizing the 49 victims who were shot and killed when Omar Mateen walked into Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida and began to shoot an automatic rifle style weapon.

While partygoers continued to dance in honor of the victims, it was evident some were still mourning their loss.

In the middle of the dancing and camraderie, a man sat on the stage staring at the candles in tears. While the night was about keeping the party going even after loss, there is still alot of fear that the place so many LGBT men and women escaped to to be their true selves had turned into another place to fear.

"After last week it really just shook me, it brought me back to where I first felt safe as a gay man and that was a gay club," says Nate Fischer, who came out to honor the Orlando shooting victims. "To think about where people go to feel accepted be under attack just really shakes me and everything I fought for and that we fought for as a community."

While there is still fear after last weeks shooting in Orlando, these men and women say it is time for the LGBT community to unite and support each other. Their unity was evident tonight as they attempted to keep dancing when violence tried to bring their moves to an abrupt halt.

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