Shayna Hubers' attorney seeking new trial

Shayna Hubers' attorney seeking new trial

CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - A murder trial from four years ago may need to start again from the beginning. Shayna Hubers admitted to shooting her boyfriend in self-defense and a jury would later find her guilty of murder.

Now Hubers' attorney is seeking a new trial.

Shayna Hubers story continued here at the Campbell County courthouse Monday afternoon after it was discovered that one of the jurors was charged with a felony before serving in her trial.

Hubers was convicted of murdering her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ryan Poston.

Hubers was found guilty in April of last year and sentenced to 40 years in jail but there may be grounds for a new trial because of a felony charge on a member of the jury's record from more than two decades ago.

"We're going to move forward until it's resolved," said Poston's stepfather Peter Carter. "We're ok with that, we're going to resolve it." Poston's mother Lisa Carter added, "Justice will be served."

The justice the Carter's seek for their son may take some time because the testimony was not heard on Monday because neither side has all the information surrounding the jurors' felony charge.

Both sides are waiting for the court to track down VHS tape recordings from that case that is more than two decades old.

"It's too bad that we're back here but we certainly don't blame the juror for that. That man was trying to do his job and Ryan would have appreciated that so we're going to follow this," said Peter Carter. "If that's what we have to go back to trial, we'll go back to trial because my son believed in the law, so do we."

Campbell County Circuit Court Judge Fred Stine has postponed testimony until August 22 at 1:30.

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