Indiana jail escapees captured in Dayton, OH

Indiana jail escapees captured in Dayton, OH

DAYTON, OH (FOX19) - The two Indiana inmates who escaped from the Fayette County jail last week were taken into custody without incident in Dayton, Ohio Tuesday.

Dayton police located and apprehended Chadwick Heath and Michael Roberts on Gettysburg Avenue after receiving an anonymous tip, according to the Fayette County Sheriff's Department. They are both being held at the Montgomery County Jail.

Roberts has charges in Ohio and Heath is awaiting extradition back to Indiana.

Heath and Roberts escaped the Fayette County jail Friday night after squeezing through a hole they apparently made in the jail's exterior wall.

Staff at the jail about 50 miles east of Indianapolis found a two-foot-wide hole in both the interior and exterior walls in the men's jail cell. A review of surveillance video showed the men escaping through that hole.

Late Sunday, Dayton police say they found a stolen truck with the keys still inside that may have been used by the two escaped inmates. The truck was reported stolen Sunday morning by Roberts' previous employer, authorities said.

Detectives on Monday arrested Paula Potters, 60, the mother of Heath, and his brother, 37-year-old Joseph Heath.

Potters confessed to assisting Heath and Roberts after their escape.

Potters told investigators that both men came to her house after the escape and she provided them with food and clothing.  She also provided additional information about their whereabouts, which police aren't releasing at this time.

Authorities said she admitted to being intoxicated at the time of the interview.

Police charged her with maintaining a common nuisance and assisting a criminal, both are level six felonies. She is charged with assisting only Roberts because under Indiana state law, she cannot be charged with assisting her child.

Potters' other son, Joey, was also charged with maintaining a common nuisance, due to information obtained by listening to phone calls, police said.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department thanks the Connersville Police Department, Ohio Highway Patrol, US Marshall's Service, Indiana State Police, Officers Rodney Barrett and Scott Myers of Dayton PD for their help in locating these subjects.

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