Erratic driver caught on camera

Man drives erratically caught on video (VIDEO)

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - A man was caught on camera driving erratically by a family who was out on Father's Day.

The incident happened Sunday along State Route 128 near Cleves.

One of the people involved in the recording of the driver, Jennifer Wittich, said she was on the phone with 911 while another member in her car was recording the truck driver.

"I honestly thought he was going to wreck and roll his truck," Wittich said.

Wittich suspected the driver might be drunk and called police tell them so.

She said the video does not capture the man moments before the cell phone camera began recording or after the recording stopped. She explains, in both cases the driver was weaving in and out of lines and appeared to be drunk.

Police caught up with the man and said they did not smell any alcohol coming from the truck. Although, they did notice an open beer can and three other unopened cans in the passenger seat.

Police did not witness the man driving erratically and told FOX19 NOW they could only cite him for the open container.

The driver of the truck was given two sobriety tests from Cleves police and Addyston police and passed both, according to police.

The driver was asked not to drive home and police tell FOX19 NOW the driver called someone to pick him up.

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