Rodeo bull on the loose in Clearcreek Twp

Rodeo bull on the loose in Clearcreek Twp
Fox Hollow Roanch (Photo: FOX19 NOW/ Frankie Jupiter)
Fox Hollow Roanch (Photo: FOX19 NOW/ Frankie Jupiter)

CLEARCREEK TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Officials are trying to wrangle a "large bucking bull" after it escaped from Fox Hollow Ranch in Clearcreek Township.

The Clearcreek Township Police Department is urging residents to take precaution in the area of E. State Route 73, Bunnell Hill Rd. and State Route 48.

The bull escaped a pasture at the Fox Hollow Ranch located in the 1900 block of E. State Route 73.

"This is a bucking bull, bred for rodeo work, and should not be approached. It can also cause damage to property or vehicles, if it wanders onto the roadways," said Clearcreek Police Chief John Terrill.

The bull was spotted at Patricia Allyn Park on OH-48 on Wednesday. Children were playing and practicing sports at the park and some parents were a little apprehensive about leaving their kids at practice.

"We'll I'm a little hesitant to him solo but I'm hoping that they can band together and find safety should they need to," said parent Kim Saylor.

Police are concerned the bull could end up in the roadway and that could be dangerous for motorists.

"There is a team of people from the rodeo that are out looking for it and they are used to handling these kinds of animals," said Clearcreek Township Police Sgt. Wally Stacy.

Police say the team was out most of last night and part of today looking for the animal. The department is keeping an eye out, but doesn't have an active search going on for the bull.

"If something to happen where they can't handle it, we're prepared to do what we have to do to keep people safe but our hope that they can get this thing gathered together and back to his home," said Stacy.

Residents are encouraged to stay away from the bull and call Warren County dispatch at (937) 452-2525 with an information.

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