Mac-N-Cheetos by Burger King

(PHOTO: Burger King)
(PHOTO: Burger King)

Cincinnati, OH (AP, FOX19) - Burger King is rolling out a hybrid snack that has the internet buzzing – deep fried sticks of macaroni and cheese breaded with a crispy, Cheetos-flavored exterior.

Mac-N-Cheetos is the product of a partnership with Frito-Lay. The rollout will extend to restaurants nationwide, but for a limited time, eight weeks or until supplies run out.

"We're partnering up with one of Americans' favorite brands," Burger King North America President Alex Macedo said. "We're working on a few more menu items … there's room for us to do more together in the future."

The snack has 310 calories and will cost $2.49 for a five pack.  The Burger King in Covington says they will start selling them on Monday, June 27th.

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