Police: Vehicle robbed in attack of 87-year-old located

Police: Vehicle robbed in attack of 87-year-old located

CORRYVILLE, OH (FOX19) - The vehicle robbed from an 87-year-old man, who was beaten with his own cane, was located, police stated.

James Hanes Sr. said he was attacked before being robbed of his car and wallet. Hanes has worked at LaRosa's in Corryville for the last 20 years, but when he showed up to work on Friday to take deliveries, he was ambushed in the parking lot behind the building.

Hanes said he never thought someone would take his car.

"When I got out to get my stuff...from the car...that's we he came out and ran over, punched me, knocked me down, took my cane, beat me with my cane, turned me over, got my wallet out of my back pocket, taken my car and drove off," recalls Hanes.

Police have not yet released where the car was found, but said the only damage is a busted out back window.

Investigators are examining the car for evidence before returning it to Hanes.

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