Uber: 'No math and no surprises,' in new charging plan

Uber: 'No math and no surprises,' in new charging plan

FOX19 - Uber is changing its charging ways, promising "no math and no surprises."

In a blog post on Thursday, the ride app announced that soon passengers will know how much their trip is going to cost before their ride. The new upfront fairs will be calculated by using the expected time and distance of the trip, factoring in local traffic and how many riders nearby are using the app at that time.

The company moved to upfront, per trip fares two years ago with the uberPOOL app. Since riders needed to enter in their destination in 
order to match them with other people headed the same way, the company was able to calculate the actual fares in advance.

In its announcement the company said, "Knowing how much a ride will cost in advance is clearly something riders appreciate: today uberPOOL accounts for over 20 percent of all rides globally. And we now want more riders globally to benefit from this feature."

Uber says it will slowly begin introducing the upfront fares for regular uberX trips in cities across the US in April.

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