Sheriff warns of purse snatching on the rise in Clermont County

Sheriff warns of purse snatching on the rise in Clermont County

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The Clermont County Sheriff's Office are warning citizens about purse thefts on the rise in the area and around the Tri-State.

Officials say thieves working in pairs will drive through parking lots of stores or malls and when they see a woman with a purse on her arm or in her cart they approach, and if they have the opportunity one of them either leans out of the moving vehicle and grabs the purse, or the vehicle stops and the passenger jumps out and grabs the purse.

The sheriff's office provided five tips to reduce the chance of this happening.

  1. Park as close to the front doors of the business and in an area where there are other people present.
  2. Consider taking only a wallet, cash, or credit card into the store that you can put into your pocket without carrying a purse.
  3. If you carry a purse hold it securely and if possible on the side of your body away from where someone driving by could easily grab it.
  4. Put the purse in the car first before unloading bags from the cart. Do not leave it in your cart or turn your back while unloading your bags.
  5. Be alert for suspicious vehicles when walking to/from your car.

If your purse does get snatched try to get a license plate, the make & color of the vehicle involved, and a description of the occupants.

Call 911 immediately if you can and as soon as possible call your credit card companies to report any cards that were taken.

The sheriff office reports that in one case, thieves charged about $1,000 within an hour after the theft.

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