Clermont Co. Sheriff warns about string of purse snatchings

Clermont Co. Sheriff warns about string of purse snatchings

Thieves are plucking purses from shopping carts and running up the bill and the Clermont County Sheriff’s office says it can happen anywhere.

“They’ve occurred in a grocery store parking lot, in malls, said Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg. “[It’s happening to] women just walking to their car with their bag over their shoulder.”

It never hurts to draw attention to the situation but the Sheriff tells us you have no idea how desperate the thieves are so it’s better the be cautious. Instead of using force take mental notes about the suspects and the care they are driving.

“Do not overly resist, that would not be a good idea because these people are desperate,” said Sheriff Rogenberg. “I think many of them are stealing things, purses and what’s in them for the money and to get drugs.”

The Sheriff tells us he’s seen it happen four or five times just in the last two weeks.

The criminals don’t wait long before pulling out your credit cards and loading up with hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in merchandise.

“Just another way for bad guys to relieve you of your possessions in a time where money is tight,” said Sheriff Rogenberg.

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