Group warns of summer toy dangers

Summer toy dangers (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Trampolines, baby pools and bounce houses are all signs of summer, but a consumer watchdog group is issuing several safety alerts about some seemingly harmless fun.

W.A.T.C.H. which is short for World Against Toys Causing Harm released its top 10 "Summer Safety Traps".

Bounce Houses, baby pools and hover boards were included on the list. The hoverboards have been a concern since last Holiday season because of fire hazards and impact injuries.

The complete list of the 10 potential safety concerns the groups is warning consumers about is below.

  • Toy guns with projectile ammunition
  • Airbourne toys
  • Hoverboards
  • Shallow backyard water: Baby pools and garden buckets
  • Flotation devices: Water wings and rafts
  • Pool covers: A lesser down danger of pools
  • Bounce houses and backyard trampolines
  • Non-motorized scooters
  • Drawstrings and bicycle helmet straps on playgrounds
  • Toys with small parts

"Parents should remember to regularly examine the toys in their child's toy box," said President of W.A.T.C.H. James Swartz. "Recent toy recalls are a further "reminder that not all toys are safe and, particularly when children's safety is at stake, we need to remain vigilant."

FOX19 NOW spoke with families about their thoughts on some of the items that made the list.

Scooters, like the one 11-year-old Greyden Perry loves to ride also made the list. W.A.T.C.H. says they've seen traumatic brain injuries and even deaths from toys like this.

His family keeps a close eye.

"He can get hurt on it, but he's very careful and he knows his boundaries and he knows his limits and I trust that he will go where he can and won't go where he cannot. And if he falls and gets hurt then we just deal with it/ that's what parents do."

Greyden says he's knows riding the scooter can be dangerous, but says he uses caution and that riders need to be careful.

"I freaken love it, It's basically like a hover board without like the mechanic stuff.

Tosha May is a parent and says she understands the group's concern.

"My husband is a pediatrician and sees a lot of this stuff so we do keep a lot of those things out of our house, like trampoline and all of those things.'

May says she likes the "fun outside" concept like todays visit to the park, but  doesn't totally rule out everything on the list.

"For us just trying to make a calculated risk be as safe as possible but also allow our kids to be kids and have fun."

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